Moog Webinar Series

High Performance Requires the Right Drive

At Moog Industrial, our core competencies and specialization abilities are the cornerstones of high-performance motion control solutions. We are the global leader as experts in customized applications for numerous industries with technology choices that are easily adaptable to meet your specific needs.


Whether electric, hydraulic or hybrid motion control solutions, our team of engineers is ready to collaborate with you to develop your next generation of machines.


Join us for an introductory webinar, Motion Control for Tomorrow, where you can gain an understanding of our complete portfolio of products and solutions, including closed-loop valves, actuators, motors, pumps, and manifolds.


  • Simplification of your system complexity through smart Moog components and software modules to create a significant reduction in operating costs for your customers
  • Learn of innovations to existing hydraulic systems as well as optimization potential through hydrostatic and electromechanical drive solutions


  • Upgrade your existing technology to electromechanical or hybrid solutions for increased efficiency, lower maintenence costs, and long-life performance
  • Increase precision of your machinery to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and return your equipment to peak operating potential

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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Meet the Presenter:

Milos Vukovic

Dr. Milos Vukovic

Team Leader Electrohydraulic Applications, Moog Böblingen

Milos Vukovic has been working in the field of electrohydraulic system development for 10 years. He and his team are in Böblingen, Germany and are responsible for the design and implementation of new electrohydraulic applications in Central Europe.

The team's focus is to support customers in choosing the right motion control technology, depending on the application, and meet requirements on multiple aspects such as energy consumption, performance and costs.